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What does music sound like before we are born? Musician and producer Lee Barbour created Ultrasound by imagining the music his unborn son might compose in the womb. This very personal recording weaves together evocative womb-music and the story of expectant parents navigating their new life.


Ultrasound’s approach is ambient and experimental, from the D’Angelo-inspired, “Angels Making Angels” to the Bon Iver-esque mantra, “A Moment That Wasn’t.” Recorded in stunning 3D sound, sparkling arrangements merge with actual field-recorded audio of the parents and friends throughout the pregnancy, ultrasounds of the baby, and the birth experience.


“This is a very different album than the others I’ve made,” says Barbour. “I wanted to stretch myself musically to match the stretch I would soon be making as a father. I hope the honesty and integrity of this approach comes through to listeners.”


Barbour’s day job finds him creating music for feature films, animated shorts and television. He’s a seasoned producer, but this is the first time he’s conceived, performed and mixed an entire album.


“It was a daunting process—playing bass, synths, singing, making beats and mixing all those elements,” says Barbour. “In the past, I’ve only had to focus on playing guitar.”


Like the album, Ultrasound’s May 2 release is a unique event—a yoga class where listeners will hear the album from start to finish and experience it with guided movement. The class will be taught by Andrea Boyd at Satsang Yoga, 1256 Ben Sawyer Blvd, 6:30-8PM. The price is a $15-$25 sliding scale, and includes a copy of the album. On May 3rd, the album will be released digitally on Itunes, Spotify and